About True Ballerz

Our Mission

True Ballerz mission is to develop and improve each player’s fundamental skills and educational knowledge about the game of basketball while promoting the values of health, education and community service. We believe in providing each youth the opportunity to excel at each level of competition and inspire a positive attitude both on and off the court.


Becomes key when a player stays within their framework of skill level. This gives them confidence to succeed without the worry of failure. True Ballerz creates an environment that is conducive to positive reinforcement. We encourage and motivate each player to perform to the best of their abilities in all facets of life, and we are always evaluating performance while looking for continued improvement. As part of the development process True Ballerz prepares each player for competition in the form of Conditioning, Mental focus, Game Strategies and Proper Technique which includes Ball Handling, Passing, Shooting, Rebounding and Defense.


Creates a bond between players. Successful team building is a necessity in basketball and True Ballerz recognizes that there is no “I” in TEAM. Each player has a role, and as they develop their individual skills it only helps the improvement of team play. We stress the need for teamwork on the court in our half-court offense, fast break transition and defense as well as off the court. A winning team prides itself on a commitment to hard work and is dedicated through the entire season.


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